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From large scale land development projects to backyard engineering solutions, WE provides high quality land development consultation with integrity and excellence.

With a focus on personal attention and quality of service, we are dedicated to meeting your project goals.

By taking an integrated approach to land development, we provide engineering services with the community, natural resources and aesthetics in mind.



” While fostering a creative approach, common sense
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Andrew Willingham, PE

Andrew Willingham, PE

Since graduating from SUNY Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2000, Andrew Willingham has been providing engineering services throughout the Hudson Valley. Fulfilling a long awaited aspiration, he founded Willingham Engineering in early 2014.

In the early stages his career, Mr. Willingham was intricately involved in the design and permitting of large, complex land development projects. Stormwater, grading and road design were his early strengths, using his design abilities to maximize the development potential of land, meet regulatory requirements while minimizing the environmental impacts. Later in his career, he gained significant experience reviewing projects on behalf of municipalities and citizen’s groups to ensure code requirements are abided by, engineering standards are met, and environmental resources are protected. Today, he has found what he believes is a balanced approach between necessary land development projects and meeting environmental objectives.

Mr. Willingham is proud to have been intricately involved in the design, permitting and construction of several public improvement projects that provide recreation and benefit the community. Throughout his career, he has gained experience in nearly all facets of land development, which include waste-water treatment design, small bridge design, construction administration, public works bidding, hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, potable water treatment, flood mitigation, SEQR review and GIS mapping. He has also developed an extensive contacts network of the highest quality professionals in related industries that include architects, surveyors, land use attorneys and realtors. He can assist or guide you through virtually any land development project or issue.


We provide a wide offering of Engineering Services to the Hudson Valley Area. Please click the headings below to learn more about our services.

Willingham Engineering provides civil and site engineering services for residential, commercial, retail, recreational and institutional projects throughout the Hudson Valley. We offer feasibility studies and GIS mapping that can be invaluable during earlier stages of a project. As a project progresses, we provide innovative and smart engineering design right through to construction.

  • Site Development Feasibility Studies
  • Commercial Site Design
  • Subdivision Design
  • Roadway and Small Bridge Design
  • Stormwater Management Systems
  • Site Lighting
  • Utility Design
  • Residential Plot Plans
  • GIS Mapping
The land development process can be complex, involving approvals and permits from multiple regulatory agencies. We’ve been through it, and can utilize our experience and professional working relationships to navigate the project from concept to completion.

  • Site Plan Approval & Permitting
  • Subdivision Approval & Permitting
  • SEQR Regulatory Approval
  • Environmental Assessment Forms
  • Wetland Disturbance/Crossing Design
  • Highway Work Permits
  • Stormwater SPDES Permits
Willingham Engineering has extensive experience with hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, stormwater management design, and the associated regulatory/permitting process.  We ensure a current knowledge of the constantly evolving regulatory requirements in this regard. Field inspection and certification of stormwater systems is often a requirement, which we can provide to ensure compliance.

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Stormwater Quantity and Quality Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Design
  • SWPPP Inspections
  • Floodplain Determinations and Studies
From residential inground septic systems to small wastewater treatment facilities, Willingham Engineering designs systems that are effective and reliable. By staying up to date on treatment technologies and regulatory requirements, we are prepared to navigate through the necessary approval processes.

  • Septic Design and Inspection
  • Board of Health Approval
  • Potable Water Distribution and Treatment Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer Distribution and Treatment Systems
  • Pump Station Design
Often neighbors or community organizations have legitimate concerns regarding the potential adverse impacts associated with a land development project.  We provide engineering representation for these concerned parties to ensure a proper environmental review of the project, that the project meets regulatory requirements, and it follows acceptable engineering practices.

  • Assessment of Environmental Impacts
  • Review of Environmental Impact Statements
  • Code Compliance
Willingham Engineering bridges the gap between the office and the construction site by designing with construction cost and practicality in mind. We provide construction inspection services to ensure that improvements are installed properly, that specifications are met, and have the experience to adjust as field conditions require.

  • Construction Plans
  • Construction Inspection
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Construction Plan Review & Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Estimating
We provide municipalities with engineering services for a variety of community projects.  Through the many years of service to municipal clients, we understand the processes required toward achieving public projects that benefit the community.

  • Engineering & Environmental Review
  • Infrastructure Design and Planning
  • Stormwater MS4 Compliance and Annual Report
  • Athletic Fields / Park Design
  • GIS Mapping
  • Construction Inspections


The professionals at Willingham Engineering have provided engineering services for hundreds of land development projects throughout the Hudson Valley over the last 14+ years.

The size and scope of projects varies considerably, ranging from single family residences to massive mixed use developments.

Past projects have include residential subdivisions, retail and commercial businesses, student housing, recreation parks, community centers and rail trail bridges. References for specific projects can be provided upon request.


Rosendale Trestle
Plattekill Highway Department
New Paltz Sports & Recreation Park
Unionville Box Culverts
Basha Kill Area Association
Pasture Rock
Flooding Mitigation – Hyde Park, New York
New Paltz Community Center
Residential Bridge – Ramapo, New York


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